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Consultancy on Labour Law and Social Insurance

Providing outsourced HR and Payroll services, we know all too well that appropriate staff management goes a long way when it comes to both the competitive edge and market position of your company. The numerous duties of any employer include compliance with the labour law and keeping employee records; however, apart from meeting any requirements of the Social Insurance Institution and the National Labour Inspectorate, it is also important to follow the clear rules of work organisation.

Under business consultancy, RSM Poland offers a wide range of HR advisory services. We assist employers in introducing procedures conducive to the practical application of the labour law and legal regulations on HR and payroll, as well as handling social insurance of persons employed on the basis of an employment relationship or various types of civil law contracts.

Advisory and support in HR management

Our experts are very experienced in handling and shaping relationships and relations between employees and owners of small and medium enterprises. However, RSM Poland also dedicates its services to individual clients and large business corporations employing expats. With the support of our consultants who specialise in the interpretation in Polish regulations, you will avoid mistakes in labour law application that may lead to proceedings before labour courts as well as criminal proceedings and disputes with tax authorities, such as the Tax Office.

The discussed services primarily include the following:

  • development, verification and implementation of employee records;
  • preparing any HR documents related to hiring a new employee (such as an employment contract, non-competition agreement, training agreement or managerial contract);
  • support in the process of terminating employment relationships and contracts;
  • providing opinions and analysis of managerial contracts and non-competition and employee liability regulations;
  • consulting on European labour law and the legalisation of work and the stay of foreigners employed in Poland;
  • assistance in preparing appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) under social insurance law;
  • assistance in the event of an inspection carried out in your company by ZUS;
  • counselling and consultation on any doubts concerning social insurance.

Our support in the creation and introduction of collective labour law and remuneration systems in your company includes, but is not limited to:

  • development of work regulations, remuneration regulations and other in-house HR documents (tailored to what the Client needs);
  • analysing and providing opinions on employment contracts and any in-house legal acts concerning HR matters;
  • support in consultation and talks with trade unions;
  • creating dedicated employee remuneration systems;
  • verification of employee records and any collective regulations during restructuring or takeovers;
  • audits of employee records;
  • support during inspections of the National Labour Inspectorate;
  • consultation on rules and principles of the material liability of employees;
  • clarification of labour law rules applicable to both parties to an employment relationship along with employee rights.


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