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Polish regulations concerning social security, PIT and labour law are complicated and change frequently. This may generate many difficulties for persons responsible for the managing of human resources and payroll processes. Thus, we would like to propose that you to transfer this responsibility to us, entrusting us with comprehensive HR and payroll services. Our offer is adapted each time to the needs of the company in question. We remain at your disposal also in the performance of non-standard projects.

We provide professional services of utmost standards, provided by a team of highly qualified specialists, who consistently keep their knowledge up to date, among others by participation in many training courses. We maintain the confidentiality of the data of our employees and compliance with the legal regulations in force. Our team has extensive experience both in providing services to small Polish companies and foreign corporations. We guarantee timely and reliable management of the HR and payroll tasks entrusted to us.

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Major Changes in Legislation in 2022 Known as the Polish Deal

2 February 2022
The Polish Deal that entered into force on 1 January 2022 (with certain exceptions) involves a number of major changes both for companies and natural persons. The changes in 26 legal acts have been introduced in one big package. They have a great impact on crucial things from the taxpayer’s perspective, such as health insurance premiums, personal allowances, new tax thresholds and a range of other regulations. In the article below, we are going to discuss the most important ones the entrepreneurs surely cannot afford to overlook. We have already addressed these changes in detail on our blog, and we encourage you to read it.