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The German Desk Team at RSM Poland comprises tax advisors, expert auditors, experts in accountancy and organisational governance, specialised translators (including sworn translators) and lawyers. By working together we are able to comprehensively and fully respond to our clients' needs. Members of our German Desk are not only highly qualified professionals, but also present great language skills and good knowledge of the culture of German-speaking countries. This is how knowledge and experience supports our clients, who have boldly embarked on the journey called "new investment in a foreign country", in reaching their target safely and comfortably.

Economic cooperation between Poland and Germany remains intense (part 1 Prologue)

28 January 2019
As business cooperation between Poland and Germany grows, there are more and more domestic entities that make and further enhance their strong presence on the market west of the Oder River, as well as more and more German companies that decide to launch or intensify their business operations in Poland. What form do foreign investors choose for their business in Poland?

How to invest well in Poland

7 July 2017
What makes Poland such an attractive place for investment? Are German companies, from the perspective of time, satisfied with having invested their capital in Poland?

The German Desk visits... France

23 May 2017
On 15-18 May, members of the German Desk RSM Poland interdisciplinary Team set off on yet another journey that aimed not only to develop and deepen business relationships with clients and Partners across the Oder but also to integrate RSM’s Poland employees and the German Desk’s teams within the RSM network.

Every country has its own customs, or about the role of culture in business

7 April 2017
Finding a "common language" in business relationships at the crossroads of two cultures is an extremely difficult task. Persons from different countries, cultures, environments, do not have common experience and despite the fact that sometimes there is only the Oder River or the proverbial boundary strip separating us, it happens very rarely that the world view, traditions and belief systems are intertwined.

Time of summaries and New Year's resolutions

12 January 2017
As we are getting back to "normal" life after Christmas relaxation and New Year's Eve attractions, many of us are wondering what the new year will be like and what it will bring. At the same time we summarise the past year − what we did, what proved to be a success and what went wrong. On the occasion of this reflection, we cannot ignore that in many situations, including success in business, a major role is played by factors independent of the interested parties, such as legal conditions, the situation on the labour market, currency fluctuations as well as supply and demand in the industry. In this context, how was the year 2016 for foreign entrepreneurs who have decided to invest or continued their business in Poland?

RSM Poland attends the first Polish-German Matchmaking Event

28 November 2016
The first edition of the Polish-German Matchmaking Event, aimed at exchanging expertise and good practices between Polish and German specialists as well as establishing international business relationships, was held on 24 November in Szczecin.

German Desk at a Tax Conference in Frankfurt

16 November 2016
On 14 October, the I CEE Conference on the current trends in Polish tax law was held at the European Viadrina University in Frankfurt (Oder).

Consulting becoming more innovative

4 July 2016
Innovation is mainly understood as an element of technological development. Today's economy also requires an innovative approach to the consultancy services sector. And in fact this is nothing strange, as specialized knowledge, experience as well as their skillful use in order to create optimal solutions are the foundation of success of a majority of enterprises.

The German Desk develops its Polish-German relations on the other side of the Oder River

22 June 2016
On June 13-15, members of the German Desk RSM Poland interdisciplinary Team went on a subsequent trip to Germany, the aim of which was to develop and strengthen business relations with clients and partners from the other side of the Oder River as well as the integration of the RSM Poland employees.

The importance of good Polish-German business relationships

8 February 2016
Przemysław POWIERZA
Close relationships between our advisors and customers indicate, however, that we prefer to focus on business: We neither expect much from politicians, nor do we think that they will be able to spoil too much. The key issue is that business relationships between Warsaw and Berlin should run smoothly. Still, not so long ago there was no need for discussing political issues in the context of running business in Poland. It seems, however, that we are forced to use these competencies within the German Desk as well...