RSM Poland


Food & beverages (the food industry)

We make use of our wide experience in cooperating with companies from the food industry, for whom we provide services in tax planning, current income tax accounts and VAT settlement, as well as legal advisory (mainly in the scope of organising the structure of connected undertakings). Some of the market's leading producers of fresh stores and dairy products count among our clients.

The food industry plays a key role in the Polish economy. The market is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of zlotys. Poland is currently among the top-ranking producers and exporters of modern food in Europe.

Ever since Poland started its economic transformation, the Polish food industry has been undergoing significant changes both technology-wise and organisational, which resulted in the market's rapid development. At the same time welcoming foreign markets and especially Poland joining EU structures – has been an encouraging factor for many foreign corporations to start investing in our country.

For many years now an advancing consolidation of production processes has been apparent – a trend which aims at cost reduction and improvement of international competitiveness. The tendency is expected to remain this way, given the market's target shape is supposed to be similar to that of Western Europe. Poland's biggest food industry producers deal with alcohol, meat and meat preparations as well as dairy products. Foreign markets are particularly fond of Polish cold meat products, dairy as well as fruit and vegetable products.


Tax Advisory: Tomasz Beger – Tax Partner

Audit: Piotr Staszkiewicz – Audit Partner