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Shelf companies

Set out on your business adventure now

We offer you fully registered limited liability companies (Polish Sp. z o.o.) ready to begin operations. The offer is addressed to entrepreneurs/businesses willing to buy a company and commence business activity immediately after the purchase.

The offered companies are fully registered, each of them holding:

  • A KRS number;
  • A registered office’s address in one of our offices in Poznań or Warsaw;
  • Tax registration (CIT);
  • REGON number;
  • flexible Articles of Association with a wide scope of business activity;
  • Active bank account;
  • Current account books and financial statements.

We guarantee you in the contract for the sale of shares that the company has never conducted any business activity, has no assets, employees nor trade commitments. If necessary, there is a possibility to make changes regarding the company’s name, registered office’s address, mode of representation and others. Upon acquisition, shelf companies must undergo registration for VAT and VAT-EU purposes.

We offer you the service of selling and transferring the company within a day. Immediately after the purchase the client receives all the company’s registration documents and tax returns submitted to the tax office prior to the purchase. Additionally, clients may use our accounting, tax and payroll services. You can also use our office’s address as the official addressed of your purchased company.

Our service attracts much attention and is particularly valuable in cases when the moment of entering the market is a deciding factor, e.g. when planning to acquire another company or a real estate.

Should you require to buy a ready-made company, please contact us:

Shelf companies are bought with the aim to:

  • Enter the local market and commence business within a few days, not months;
  • Effect real estate transactions –Special Purpose Vehicles – SPVs;
  • Acquire another company –Special Purpose Vehicles – SPVs;
  • Obtain a licence or a certificate;
  • Take part in a private or public tender.


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