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Take advantage of the know-how and professionalism of RSM Poland Corporate Advisory Department

Every business is subject to a number of corporate obligations resulting from the legal environment in which it functions. In the Polish legal system this environment is governed by several legal acts – including the Commercial Companies Code, Accounting Act and Corporate Income Tax Act. Fulfilling the administrative obligations engages the internal resources of companies and forces them to be up-to-date with the constantly changing legal regulations. For entrepreneurs focused on business operations complying with all those – often periodical – obligations poses a certain challenge.

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Thus, supporting our clients in  fulfilling the company’s obligations with the corporate secretarial service, we provide comprehensive assistance tailored to individual needs.

Check  what the corporate secretarial service may cover:

  • Preparing resolutions appointing and dismissing members of the management board, supervisory board and proxies;
  • Preparing the resolution on changing the company’s address/registered office;
  • Preparing the share register and the corporate minute book;
  • Preparing minutes of general and extraordinary meeting of shareholders;
  • Assisting clients in submitting financial statements through professional agents;
  • Obtaining PESEL numbers and qualified electronic signatures by foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Preparing and submitting applications for entering changes in the National Court Register (address, registered office, name, scope of business, management, supervisory board, financial year).

We provide comprehensive services, including the preparation of documents, appointing a  notary public (if required) and providing data necessary for paying court fees or stamp duties, submitting documents and applying for an entry in the registry court. We keep monitoring the status of every application and inform our clients of the course of the proceedings.

We prioritise our clients’ time, thus we send all documents via email. At the client’s request we also prepare documents in two language versions – Polish-English or any other language in which we service our clients.

By offering the corporate secretarial service we support businesses in fulfilling their daily administrative duties. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of RSM Poland consultants and be sure that all corporate matters are handled by specialists thanks to whom all company’s obligations will be fulfilled accurately, on time and in compliance with currently binding legal regulations.



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