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Corporate governance

Efficient system for managing the company

Corporate governance is a set of principles, rules, practices and processes governing the management and supervision over a company as well as relations between the shareholders. It constitutes a set of guidelines for the company’s operations determining the framework of its business activity, practical management aspects, including complex processes ensuring effective achievement of goals and realisation of the business strategy.

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Transparency of actions guaranteed by the use of good practices under the corporate governance and respect of basic principles and expectations of all stakeholders build a solid foundation for the future of your company.

RSM Poland specialists support clients with the following corporate governance services:

  • Reviewing contracts and company’s statutes, analysing potential changes and resulting legal consequences;
  • Carrying out the increase or decrease of the share capital or the redemption of shares;
  • Organising the sale of shares and the processes of withdrawing from the company or joining the company by shareholders;
  • Structuring the transformation processes, company mergers and liquidations;
  • Obtaining certificates issued by public authorities, courts, offices and institutions, including Criminal Record Bureau disclosure, certificate of receiving PESEL number for foreigners, certificate of no tax arrears, certificates confirming the entry in the National Register of Employment Agencies, etc.

We provide our clients with alternative solutions pointing to their legal and tax consequences. Our experience in servicing foreign clients allows us to highlight the differences which may result from the functioning of the same terms in different legal systems and limit the resulting risk. By outsourcing the corporate governance to RSM Poland you build the position of your company as a reliable and trustworthy company taking effective actions to reach your business goals.



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