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Corporate governance: good practices of companies

Corporate governance, known as ład korporacyjny in Polish, is a set of standards and principles regarding management and supervision over a company as well as relations between its partners. Corporate governance promotes good management, effective owner and investor supervision and transparent communication between the company and the market.  And yet entrepreneurs are often so preoccupied with the tasks at hand that corporate governance becomes secondary - increasing company risk and business costs.

We support our clients in maintaining good corporate governance by offering services such as:

  • Assessment of deeds/articles of incorporation/association and analysis of resulting potential changes and legal consequences;
  • Arranging increase and decrease of company share capital, share redemption;
  • Contracting sales of shares/stocks, arranging partner dissociation and association;
  • Structuring company transformation and liquidation processes.

We find alternative solutions and advise our clients accordingly by presenting the legal and fiscal consequences of each one of them. Our experience in cooperating with foreign companies enables us to pin-point the differences that may result from similar terms being applied in different legal systems and limit related risks. By contracting RSM Poland with taking care of corporate governance, you may contribute to your company's position as a trustworthy and reliable undertaking that is successful in achieving its business goals. 


Should you require our assistance in corporate governance, please contact our expert Anna Lehmann:


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