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Company/branch liquidation – professional support for your peace of mind

When you decide to close a company or branch, liquidation proceedings before the registry court will have to follow. Liquidation is a time-consuming and absorbing procedure, involving the preparation of a number of documents and working with a notary.

In response to the growing demand for such services, and understanding that our clients' involvement in the liquidation process should be as limited as possible, we now offer a comprehensive company or branch liquidation service, which includes:

  • Arranging formalities with the notary;
  • Drafting a suitable company liquidation resolution and appointing liquidators;
  • Preparing the required liquidation application with the National Court Register;
  • Publishing a call to creditors for submitting claims;
  • Preparing the required application to remove the company/branch from the register and drafting a suitable resolution appointing the depositary of the liquidated company's books and documents.

Having filed the liquidation form with relevant authorities, we continue to monitor the status of the proceedings and keep the client informed at all times. Upon reaching the deadline for submitting creditor claims and distribution of assets of the company being liquidated, we proceed to writing a suitable application for having the company removed from the commercial register. Since one of the obligations in the process is to appoint a depositor of books and documentation, upon the client's request we may also suggest a professional dormant filing company. We are also happy to offer the assistance of a designated proxy to take care of the liquidation resolution so that the company shareholders do not have to be present at the notary in person.

Allowing RSM Poland to support you in the process of company or branch liquidation, you may rest assured that all proceedings are handled by professionals – swiftly and in accordance the provisions in force, with minimum involvement on your part.


Should you require our assistance in the process of company or branch liquidation, please contact our expert Anna Lehmann:


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