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Business training – tax, accounting and payroll

We are always happy to share experience during our regularly organised open trainings sessions, as well as dedicated training sessions prepared on assignment.

Open training sessions are organised in conference rooms in Poznan and Warsaw with lectures given by professionals experienced in didactics and taking pride in highest qualifications in their fields of competence. During themed training sessions run by RSM Poland the main impact is placed on the practical application of presented information. To this end we always try to use case studies from the economy and our own professional experience. Additionally, training participants are encouraged to bring forth their own doubts and issues related to the training's subject, which will be subsequently explained during the lecture.

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The open training sessions we organise on a regular basis concern mainly tax law (personal income tax and VAT), business activity law and accountancy.

Apart from open training sessions we also provide closed training sessions on assignment by companies. Depending on the client's wish, we may arrange for such training to be held at the company's office or in rented conference rooms. When organising a closed training session we always consider the detailed scope of presented subjects as well as the form of the meeting (workshop or lecture). By commissioning a profiled training session the entrepreneur can be sure that his or her employees will gain knowledge in areas of importance in current business. As part of the closed training we may also arrange a small test to verify what the participants have learnt. Results will be forwarded to the client.

Having the right experience and qualifications, we are competent in providing training in a range of subjects:
  • Tax law (income tax, VAT, excise, local taxes and fees, general tax law, tax control and tax proceedings, judicial control of administrative decisions);
  • Accountancy (trading year closing and reporting duties, introducing MSR and MSSF, accountancy policy);
  • General matters (drafting reports for the National Bank of Poland/ NBP, the National Disabled People Rehabilitation Fund/ PFRON, the General Statistical Office/ GUS);
  • HR and payroll (labour law, reporting for the Social Insurance Institute/ ZUS).

We apply multimedia tools in every training session and each of our participants receives free training content.

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