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Audit – reliable information guaranteed!

According to Polish law joint stock companies (S.A.) are obliged to perform each year an audit of their annual financial statements. Business units other than joint stock companies are also obliged to do this provided the at least two of the following criteria may be applied in relation to the previous trading year:

  • Balance sheet total – equivalent in PLN – amounted to at least EUR 2,500,000;
  • Average number of contracted employees was at least 50 people;
  • Revenue from sale of products and goods as well as financial operations amounted to – equivalent in PLN – at least EUR 5,000,000.

Our team provides comprehensive audit services in terms of fulfilling the company's legal obligations. We also ensure professional external audits for EU projects. However, simply performing the audit and delivering a raw opinion is not something we want to limit ourselves to. Our clients are always provided with detailed information as to make sure that data coming from accountants honestly reflects the actual situation of their business. Every auditor in our team is a professional competent in providing rational assurance on lack of major non-conformities or, if necessary, pointing out inaccuracies. By involving various tools, including statistics, we are ready to examine in a competent and independent manner whether your business is running in compliance with regulations, standards, contracts or its corporate charter. We will also prepare an assessment to advise you on the unit's potential for continuing business in the future without significant changes.

The services we offer include:

  • Audit of financial statements – separate and consolidated – performed in accordance with Polish accounting standards, IASs/IFRSs and US GAAP;
  • Reviews of financial statements and accounting books;
  • Due diligence;
  • Audit of projects co-financed by the EU;
  • Audits and advisory in the process of capital restructuring, legal transformation, merger or division of companies;
  • Audit of financial statements in relation to liquidation and bankruptcy;
  • Evaluation of the current accounting system (including applied accountancy standards);
  • Consultations in the field of accountancy and balance sheet law, including providing advice on consolidation of financial statements;
  • Drafting financial statements;
  • SOC reporting (ISAE 3402);
  • Other audits of financial data.

We are aware of the fact that effective enterprise management requires professional analysis of vast amounts of information – from the small bits and pieces of daily routine to whole sophisticated structures, while constant access to reliable and current data is the starting point for making correct business decisions. That is why we put the highest emphasis on the quality of financial statements, which deliver vital information on any enterprise – as if they were the company’s business card. Duly prepared financial statements build trust and confidence on the part of shareholders and stockholders, but also on the part of all other external entities interested in the financial standing of the enterprise.

The statutory auditors at RSM Poland are experts in the scope of International Financial Reporting Standards and accountancy. We work in an international environment, providing our clients – most of whom represent international Capital Groups – with comprehensive local and worldwide advisory services in the following languages: Polish, English and German.


Should you require our assistance in auditing, please contact our expert Piotr Staszkiewicz:


tel. +48 61 8515 766

fax +48 61 8515 786