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Other statutory auditor services (consultation in the field of accounting and balance sheet law, other certification and related services, implementation of new accounting standards, training)

We respond to your finance and reporting needs

You want to manage your company finances effectively, you analyse a lot of information, and you need access to reliable and up-to-date data and broad expertise in accounting. You expect competent support in your company’s reporting tasks. You are looking for an experienced and reliable partner who would confirm that your reporting solutions are correct and answer your questions concerning your company’s finances. See what we can do for you.

See what other services are provided by RSM Poland certified auditors

  • Consultation in the field of accounting and balance sheet law:

    • We diagnose the condition of the accounting system
    • We prepare/update the accounting policy
    • We design and update charts of accounts
  • Other assurances (certification) and related services:

    • We review plans of mergers, divisions and transformations of companies
    • We perform audit in line with agreed procedures
    • We verify financial forecasts
    • We provide financial data compilation services
  • Implementation of new accounting standards:

    • We support IFRS implementations
    • We support the implementation of new financial reporting standards
    • We perform post-implementation checks of compliance with new financial reporting requirements
  • Training:

    • We organise open accounting and financial reporting training
    • We prepare targeted training to respond to individual needs of organisations and their employees

Through our work, we convince our Clients that the audit is not just an additional obligation imposed on entrepreneurs but, if used properly, a powerful tool giving added value to the company. You can rely on the services of RSM Poland statutory auditors and get a confirmation that the adopted assumptions and calculations that were made are correct.




Audit Partner



Audit Partner

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