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Audit of EU-funded projects

Make sure you implement the subsidised project in line with the regulations

You want to have a guarantee that your project co-funded by the European Union of the state treasury is being implemented in accordance with the agreement, while the project expenditure is eligible. You are concerned about the reliability of archiving documents, correct recording of expenses and appropriate posting of accounting documents. What you need is an audit of EU-funded projects by a statutory auditor that will give you certainty that you are implementing the EU-project the right way and, at the same time, you will meet audit requirements. See how we can help you.

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In an audit of EU-funded Project, RSM Poland statutory auditors will:

  • Check if you have an audit trail for finance and accounting
  • Check if expenses incurred in the implemented project have been posted correctly
  • Assess the eligibility of expenses, methods of their documentation and the obligation to keep separate accounting records
  • Verify if documentation is kept and archived in a correct and reliable manner
  • Produce a professional report with follow-up recommendations

Get a professional opinion that the expenses in your EU-funded project are eligible, and the project itself is being implemented in accordance with the agreement. You can rely on the expertise and experience of RSM Poland experts in auditing EU-funded projects.


Contact Marcin KAWKA – Audit Partner who will answer any questions you may have:

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Marcin KAWKA

Audit Partner

+48 61 8515 766

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