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Advisory on restructuring and transformation of companies, including review of merger and transformation plans

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You want to improve the condition of your business, ensure faster growth of your company and adjust to changing market environment. You are planning a transformation of the organisational structure involving a different legal form and taxation, but you do not want to make risky business decisions. When reorganising your business, you are looking for effective advisory as well as tried and tested solutions that will effectively lead you to your goal. See how we can help you.

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RSM Poland services for restructuring and transforming companies may include:

  • Financial, legal and fiscal analysis of the company
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of planned reorganisation
  • Suggestions of optimal solutions for taxation structure and form for the enterprise
  • Identification of legal, tax and accounting implications of the planned changes
  • Preparing restructuring/transformation plan
  • Preparing documents needed for implementing the selected scenario
  • Support in any contacts with public offices, courts and financing institutions in connection with the implemented re-organisation process
  • Review of the transformation or merger plan
  • Other advisory services indispensable for proper and effective functioning of your company

Improve your business performance by adjusting the formula and structure of your operations to the changing business and legal environment. Rely on RSM Poland services in restructuring and transforming your company, thus maximising your business performance and making the most of the enterprise’s potential.




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