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We offer the services of an external CFO to all companies that do not have the position of a CFO within their structures, are searching for a replacement CFO or need temporary support of a qualified expert in making management decisions.

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Outsourcing the CFO's services is a perfect solution for every company that needs adequate substantive financial knowledge, whose scale of operations does not justify the creation of a financial management department or the employment of a full-time CFO. It is also a solution for the time when there is a need to replace a full-time officer during a prolonged leave (e.g. a maternity leave), a sick leave or until a new suitable candidate for this position has been employed. An Interim CFO will also prove useful during the implementation of a predetermined project related to the finances of a modern company, e.g. due diligence prior to the acquisition or sale of a company, when the experience of an internal accounting department may be insufficient. This is also a solution to a crisis or a restructuring need.

RSM Poland, as an international consulting company, provides a CFO replacement service that is always tailored to the individual expectations of the customer. The flexible approach stems from our experience in cooperation with enterprises from different cultures and areas. By replacing the CFO we may temporarily take over the full range of his/her duties or temporarily engage in monitoring and execution of selected processes. As a team of over 200 professionals – tax advisors, expert auditors, certified accountants and corporate finance specialists – we have appropriate knowledge and experience to provide you with comprehensive support in financial management and controlling. As an external advisor, we implement projects in a faster and more efficient manner, not only providing financial security of the company, but also increasing the value of your business in the future.

Depending on your needs and expectations, the services of an external CFO may include all or may focus on one of the following areas:


  • analyses of strengths and weaknesses of the company, together with opportunities and threats from the environment in the financial context
  • benchmark analyses
  • analysis of the customer's market and the portfolio of products in terms of their further development/withdrawal from the market or necessary adaptive changes
  • profitability analyses of products/services, orders/projects, etc.
  • analyses of the areas where costs are generated, optimisation of expenses
  • cooperation in determining the development strategy of the company


  • preparation of long- and short-term financial plans and budgets
  • CSF analysis and building of KPIs
  • financial liquidity management, including planning and supervision of financial flows
  • budgeting/support in budgeting, including ABC (activity-based costing)
  • current reporting on the implementation of plans and budgets, deviation analysis
  • assessment of the profitability of investment projects
  • designing and implementation of restructuring solutions/analysis of the company's organisational structure, business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • information technologies (MIS)
  • HRM, with a focus on support during recruitment and selection of persons to the customer's enterprise to the positions related to finance, assessment of financial department employees


  • analysis of investment profitability with the use of an option approach, assuming the possibility, e.g. of the project liquidation or project delay
  • in-depth financial analysis focused on the assessment of the financial condition of the company
  • fundamental analysis
  • valuation of companies and their organised parts with the use of a variety of methods, e.g. discounted cash flows (DCF)
  • valuation of intangible assets and management options
  • mergers and acquisitions - analysis and support in transactions, including due diligence process
  • supporting financial decision making, including, inter alia, in the capital structure management, capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • advanced financial modelling tailored to the individual needs of the company


  • supporting management board in decision making process
  • internal audit: verification of the control environment in the entity and reporting to the management board (compliance)
  • linking budgets with planning and plan implementation
  • support during external financial audits and cooperation with auditors
  • supervision of the consistency of the application of reporting principles within the group
  • supervision of the work of the financial and accounting department and the financial reporting department
  • analysis of document circulation and internal processes
  • periodic analysis focused on the detection of risks of fraud, improper operation of the accounting system, etc.


  • internal audit: verification of the control environment in the entity and reporting to the management board (compliance)
  • process optimisation


  • periodic reports
  • consolidation packages for the consolidation needs at a higher level of the Group
  • supporting the accounting department in the preparation of financial statements according to the Accounting Act, IFRS, US GAAP
  • preparation of individual and/or consolidated financial statements (consolidated financial statements) required under the law and for internal management purposes and/or for corporate group reporting
  • preparation of data for audit purposes
  • preparation of data for the needs of stakeholders other than just shareholders
  • compilation of financial data (ISRS 4410)
  • preparation of data and their presentation, e.g. with the use of Power BI
  • presentation of data at meetings of management boards, supervisory boards and shareholders/partners


We always flexibly adapt the range of our services to your current needs.


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