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Accounting Supervision

Effectively managed modern enterprises now tend to focus on their core business objectives and entrust some of their duties to providers of outsourced accounting services. With a professional accounting supervision and formal verification of accounting documents made by professionals, you will have your tax returns and financial statements handled in no time.

If your company enters into many business transactions and needs support monitoring them in the event of any tax and fiscal inspections, contact us. RSM Poland professionals offer comprehensive services of preparing any documents either for information or reporting purposes as well as accounting supervision.

What do you get from an accounting supervision contract with RSM Poland?

Thanks to many years of experience in the verification and preparation of tax returns as well as working with companies from different industries, we can ensure effective, timely and customised support in keeping your books. Depending on the structure of your organisation, our outsourced accounting services cover tasks that would otherwise be performed on a daily basis by persons employed as your accountants and the chief accountant.

Under the accounting supervision services, the cooperation between the office providing outsourced accounting services and the Client includes mainly the following:

  • verification of books of account;
  • verification or preparation of any required tax declarations and returns;
  • development or verification of your financial statements;
  • development or verification of the consolidation package prepared for the capital group based on its guidelines;
  • support during financial and tax audit and tax inspections;
  • identification of accounting areas that require tax analysis, followed by a transfer of necessary financial data to the tax advisor.


Accounting & Payroll Partner

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