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The winners of the European Business Awards 2019 competition have been announced

The finale of this year's edition of the European Business Awards competition took place on 3-4 December in Warsaw. It was crowned by a gala for entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over Europe. The statuettes were awarded to 20 European companies that stood out from other exceptional business achievements, above-average entrepreneurship, and an innovation and innovative approach to management. The European Business Awards competition has been supported for years by the RSM network, for which promoting business development in Europe is important.

The two-day finale of the competition consisted of judges' panels, company presentations, numerous plenary sessions and active networking. The last stage of the ceremony was an evening gala in which Audit Partners - Monika SKÓRKA and Marcin KAWKA, Tax Manager - Maciej GÓRSKI and Marketing & Event Specialist - Natalia SKIBA participated on behalf of RSM Poland.

The prestigious victory in 18 competition categories was sought by companies previously awarded National Winners titles, which were selected from the "Ones to Watch" list, i.e. a list of the best companies from 33 European countries. In this year's edition, The European Public Winner statuette was also awarded and one of the participants was awarded the title of The Chairman's Selection. The list of all this year's winners of the European Business Awards can be found at

Congratulations to all participants! Being in the finale and joining the winners of one of the largest and longest running business competitions in the world is a great achievement and a great showcase for each of the awarded companies.










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