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We provided consultancy services to entrepreneurs in Szczecin

We took part in the Szczecin Entrepreneur Days, which were organized yesterday by the Northern Chamber of Commerce. The aim of the event was consultancy to SMEs. There was an abundance of trainings and individual consultations, in which we actively participated.

The entrepreneurs had the opportunity to talk to experts, exchange opinions and ask about various types of tax and financial issues. The current trends on the labor market as well as the level of earnings in the region were also talked about. The discussion also included information on how to take advantage of financing for training and professional courses.

Consultants were also present on-site, who provided valuable information on the topic of procuring European Union funding for conducting business activity, and also specialists from, among others, the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation, Labor Office or the West Pomeranian Agency for Regional Development.

Several hundred persons participated in the event.








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