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We discussed the most frequent errors in financial statements

Accounting Students Association KONTO at the Poznań University of Economics and Business in Poznań is again an organiser of a series of workshops for students as part of the event called Poznań Accounting Days. Our Audit Partner, Marcin KAWKA, conducted one of them yesterday.

Every year all workshops are related to accounting, audit and taxes. Each of them is conducted by the practicioners from the business world. It was the same this year. On our part, we discussed the most frequent errors in the most significant report of an economic entity, that is its financial statements, as well as various manners to avoid them. Moreover, we presented the profile of our company, encouraging students to get familiarised with the company’s offer in terms of searching for a new workplace after graduation from the university.

Our workshop attracted a wide public, for which we would like to thank you. We are glad that young people willingly broaden their knowledge and educate themselves to become an auditor, which for sure is not an easy job, but an interesting one.





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