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Tax consultations about VAT on fuel card transactions

Upon the invitation of the Minister of Finance, RSM Poland experts voiced their opinions during tax consultations on the effects of VAT on fuel card transactions. 

The team of tax advisors that sent their opinion to the Ministry of Finance about key aspects of defining interpretation directions for Polish legislation in line with the case law of the CJEU was headed by Przemysław POWIERZA, Tax Partner at RSM Poland, who is actively involved in a number of projects regarding VAT.

According to our expert, the guidelines of the Court of Justice included in case C-235/18 ruling should not be taken at face value. Contrary to appearances, fuel cards cannot be considered a financial service exempt from VAT.

If you are interested in VAT on fuel card transactions, we encourage you to read a detailed opinion of RSM Poland experts on this subject along with a series of articles dedicated to fuel cards. 

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