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Succession and its alternatives - we invite you to a discussion panel

Together with the Regional Association of Private Employers of Ziemia Łódzka, we are the organiser of a discussion panel committed to exploring the idea of succession in family-owned companies as well issues connected with GDPR, which shall take place on 26 April 2018 in the Provincial Centre of Entrepreneurship in Łódź. The event is under the auspices of the President of Łódź, and its partners include companies such as Credit Value Investment and Premium Trainings. The meeting is dedicated to the owners as well as representatives of family-owned businesses.

A lot of important and interesting issues shall be touched upon during the panel. Thanks to them one will be able to get to know:

  • what challenges family-owned companies face when it comes to succession, innovation, competitiveness as well as the changeability of the legal framework;
  • how to construct a plan of succession actively involving the heir in managing the company being developed for years;
  • what alternatives there are for the succession plan in a situation in which the doyen does not decide to (or does not have such a possibility) to transfer the company into the hands of a family member;
  • in what way the strategic investor or an investment fund can help the family company develop and secure its interests;
  • on a different take on succession from the standpoint of theoretical thinkers as well as pragmatists, resulting, among others, from generational differences;
  • how to handle GDPR not to disrupt the functioning of a family-owned company;
  • in what way to attract valuable employees, simultaneously retaining the key ones within the family-owned company.

Among the speakers, there are: Katarzyna Plewka-Gembalska (Legal counsel, an expert in employment law as well as data protection, a coach at Premium Trainings), Dr inż. Józef Szmich (President of the Board at Delia Cosmetics), Paweł Jacel (Investment Director at Credit Value Investment), Adam Stadnik (an expert in succession, the founder of A Family Foundation). RSM Poland will be represented by Bartosz Miłaszewski, our Managing Partner. The panel will be led by Maciej Plutecki (The Office Director, Regionalny Związek Pracodawców Prywatnych Ziemi Łódzkiej).

The number of seats is limited on a first come first served basis. Filling in and sending off the application form does not equal guaranteeing participation. The potential participation shall be confirmed in a separate message.

In order to register your participation, register by means of the following application form:



10:30 – 11:00 Participant registration and morning coffee

11:00 – 11:05 The welcoming 

11:05 – 11:35 The process of constructing a plan of succession

11:35 – 12:00 Selling the company or succession – a conscious choice

12:00 – 12:15 Coffee break

12:15 – 12:45 An investment fund or a strategic investor – an alternative and a chance for family-owned company development

12:45 – 13:15 From the doyen to a successor - on generational differences, being innovative and competitive as well as on the ability to attract and maintain key employees in a family-owned company

13:15 – 13:30 A coffee break


13:30 – 14:00 GDPR a moment before entry into force – the most common worries of entrepreneurs


14:00 – 14:15  Q&A

14:15 – 15:00 Lunch + networking

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