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The SME sector in Poland - the potential of more than 2 million businesses and 20 million jobs

Recent "Report on the SME sector in Poland" by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development shows that small and medium enterprises have improved their financial standings by increasing their revenues, production and added value. The percentage of exporters among entrepreneurs has also been growing steadily and the technological advancement of Polish exports is noticeably improving. Unfortunately, despite an increase in expenditures on innovations, the share of innovative enterprises in Poland is lower than in 2014-2016. Few companies also conduct research and development activities.

The enterprise sector in Poland generates nearly three quarters of the GDP (73.6%), while small and medium-sized enterprises generate every second zloty (49.8% of GDP). Polish SMEs operate mainly in services and trade (76.3%), less frequently in construction and industrial processing.

The most entrepreneurial companies of the SME sector are located in the region of Mazovia (the value of the synthetic entrepreneurship indicator for the Mazowieckie Province is 83.7). The top three also include the Pomorskie (70.9) and Wielkopolskie Provinces (70.7).

Innovation indicators of enterprises in Poland have been at a low level for years. Only 7 out of 100 businesses implement product or processing innovations. On the other hand, the use of ICT in Polish enterprises has been growing. In 2018, 96.2% businesses declared that they use computers, including nearly all large (99.7%) and medium (99.3%) entities. However, employers encounter difficulties in recruiting digitally competent employees. Therefore, the outsourcing of IT services is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium businesses. Managers see that it is more profitable to establish cooperation with one specialized and experienced external supplier than to develop one's own IT department.

"The same applies to accounting outsourcing; for SMEs, such outsourcing has a significant advantage over internal accounting", says Bartosz MIŁASZEWSKI, Managing Partner at RSM Poland. “By entrusting accounting to qualified accounting offices or large consulting companies which offer full outsourcing of accounting services, reporting, tax compliance, VAT compliance, payment management and payroll, entrepreneurs of the SME sector relieve themselves of many responsibilities. Having outsourced the accounting, the company's management can focus on its core business without having to spend time controlling the quality and efficiency of the accountants' work. Cooperating with companies such as RSM Poland allows entrepreneurs to reduce costs and operating risks and gaining a competitive advantage on the market.”

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