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RSM Poland invites you to "Breakfast with an Advisor" in Rzeszów

We are pleased to announce that the third edition of "Breakfast with an Advisor", our company’s project, has just begun. This time, the series of meetings will take place on 10 December 2014 in Rzeszów and their main topic will be changes in taxes in 2015.

Participation in the meetings is free of charge. Yet, since our intention is to ensure a cosy and rather intimate form of training, the number of participants is limited.

A detailed schedule of "Breakfast with an Advisor" can be found in the Invitation.

We invite you to register on-line!

The "Breakfast with an Advisor" project is a series of meetings during which RSM Poland experts will meet with a group of entrepreneurs, business owners, financial directors, chief accountants and accounting departments’ experts to solve the problems of everyday life of companies together. The intimate atmosphere creates favorable conditions to touch upon many important issues of law, accounting or taxes and allows for individual consultations.

We encourage direct contact with the advisors from RSM Poland. Our specialists are at your disposal throughout the year, willing to assist in the audit of the financial statements, due diligence, tax and legal advice and in the comprehensive support in the management of the company.

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