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RSM Poland invites you to "Breakfast with an Advisor 2014"

We would like to inform you about the second edition of practical meetings with our advisors called  “Breakfast with an Advisor”. Our last-year positive experiences and the huge interest from our clients encouraged us to offer this form of meetings with our clients, their business partners and companies willing to take part in European Business Awards competition once again.

“Breakfast with an Advisor” is a great opportunity to meet with specialists in the Labour Law, Tax Law, Audit and Finance in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Our experts, in a very interesting way, will make you familiar with many useful aspects of the daily life of each enterprise. Your participation is free of charge. The number of participants from one company is, from practical reasons, limited to two people.

The form of Breakfast, which we offer, consists of two modules: a morning and an afternoon meeting, and of course a lunch break in between. We invite you to take part in the whole event as well as in single modules and lunch, depending on your needs and capabilities. Our morning module will be certainly accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and delicious breakfast.

For a detailed schedule of “Breakfast with an Advisor” click the link Download.

If deadlines or other commitments will not allow you to attend the next meeting, we encourage you to contact RSM Poland advisors directly. Our specialists are at your disposal throughout the year, ready to assist in providing legal advice, accounting or tax advice. We are pleased to provide you with comprehensive support in achieving business objectives in the most efficient and safe manner.

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