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RSM Poland invariably in the top ten large companies in the Ranking of Tax Companies and Advisors by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

The Ranking of Tax Companies and Advisors by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna published on 28 March 2019 revealed that, just like last year, RSM Poland has a stable position in the top ten large companies: we are ranked 9th among companies employing 10 and more qualified tax advisors.

This year’s Ranking was divided into three parts: companies’ results and achievements determined their place in the ranking, and in the individual category it was all about how successful the advisors were.

The high position of RSM Poland in the Ranking of Tax Companies and Advisors by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna is the effect of both the involvement and diligence of the entire Team that keep facing new challenges as tax legislation amendments are introduced every year, thus calling for a lot of work. There were truly many of those in 2018; however, as tax advisors agree, this year beats all the records, which means a greater demand for advisory services. Tomasz BEGER, Tax Partner at RSM Poland said: “This year, the revolution is about reporting tax schemes, last year it was about transfer pricing. We all had the impression that the availability of professionals and professional support in this field failed to keep up with the needs and expectations of our clients”.

Despite numerous and constant changes in the tax advisory market, our employees make every effort to respond to unpredictable legislation and changing conditions very quickly. This is best evidenced by our stable 9th position in the Ranking. Bartosz MIŁASZEWSKI, Managing Partner at RSM Poland said: “Year by year, we report a 15 per cent increase in revenue. There is also canvassing, we have had two so far and we are working on more to come. We have a stable market presence, a great Team and a group of loyal clients. Our continuing growth also results from the fact that we joined the global RSM network 10 years ago; as a result, more than 40% of our clients are companies that work with RSM also in other countries. In 2018, we delivered record high revenue as a company, namely PLN 29.2 million. This result is the effect of work done by our qualified advisors. Together with the entire RSM network, we are pursuing a strategy that is built on experienced and ambitious employees, a focus on clients’ needs and an innovative business outlook, and that is why we are able to provide a comprehensive service to our clients and offer them world-class advisory services.”

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