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RSM Poland Growing Stronger in the "Rzeczpospolita" Daily Ranking of Audit Companies

The 20th edition of the ranking of audit companies published on 27 April of this year in the "Rzeczpospolita" daily saw RSM Poland rank 14th among the largest audit companies by audit revenues and 10th by total revenues. RSM Poland was also ranked higher in the general ranking, taking 25th place on the list of the best audit companies in Poland.

This result is of particular importance for us, as it sums up our commitment, diligence and the way we face new challenges these days, so turbulent for many companies and industries. Monika SKÓRKA, Audit Partner at RSM Poland, rightly pointed out in “Rzeczpospolita”: Over the last year or so, the words ‘pandemic’ and ‘uncertainty’ have been mentioned over and over again. Some industries have been hit hard by the current situation, but there are also those that have barely experienced any negative impact of the pandemic or even recorded growths. A common denominator for all of them, however, is the need to adapt to the changing reality. For years, audit has been strongly associated with the examination of historical data, whereas today the burden of auditing financial statements was shifted to the analysis of potential risks, financial plans and budgets. Auditors must be much more versatile and have an in-depth understanding of the economy, focusing on the analysis of the management’s estimates, assumptions for asset measurement at fair value, as well as the assessment as to whether a company can continue as a going concern. Clearly, it is the role of companies’ management to assess the impact of the pandemic on their business, while the role of a certified auditor is to verify if these assessments are reasonable and to check if they have been properly presented in the financial statements. What is also significant is the ability to remain professionally sceptical of the information provided by the Clients. The analysis of asset impairment risk has become essential, as well, because, in the current situation, all the methods, assumptions or data used so far may prove to be inadequate and will need to be adjusted to reflect the changes of the market conditions, so inevitable in the times of crisis.

As you can see, the coronavirus pandemic poses very material and complex challenges to audit service providers, forcing them to be flexible in what they do and to be quick in any decision-making. We are extremely proud that RSM Poland is not only coping with these new conditions, but is making the most of them to further grow. We would like to thank all our Clients for their trust and confidence and say that we are looking forward to further cooperating with you!

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