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RSM Poland among the best Polish auditors

RSM Poland ranked 25th among the best audit firms in Poland in the 16th edition of the prestigious ranking of auditors in the Rzeczpospolita daily, thus advancing by 10 places in the main ranking. At the same time, we have strengthened our position as the leader in terms of revenue from audits and we are delighted to have achieved an above average growth, yet again.

“Long-term cooperation and treating an auditor as a business partner rather than a controller pays off with a better quality of service, transfer of knowledge and provides added value to an audit, which is much appreciated by our clients," said Monika SKÓRKA, Audit Partner at RSM Poland.

The audit industry is on the verge of major changes that result from regulatory amendments and the introduction of international auditing standards.

"Auditors are often caught between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand they have to do their job, that is, give an opinion confirming that there are no significant issues which might be of interest to supervisory boards or audit committees; on the other, they have to cooperate, in a “functional” manner, with management boards whose members also have expectations which are often inconsistent with the expectations of the owners,” commented Piotr STASZKIEWICZ, Audit Partner at RSM Poland.

“The understanding by both the management board and the supervisory board of the purpose of the audit and reconciling mutual expectations in a trilateral exchange of views prior to its commission seems to be critical in this context.”

We would like to thank all our clients for placing their trust in us and offer congratulations to all the companies distinguished in the Ranking.

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