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RSM celebrates curiosity for RSM World Day 2020

On 29 September 2020, RSM International, a leading network of independent consultancy and tax audit companies with more than 810 offices in 120 countries and employing 43,000 professionals all over the world, celebrates its 9th annual RSM World Day.​

On this day, the creative energy of RSM’s professionals from all over the world is going to pursue the theme “Be Curious”.

That is because curiosity is the foundation for understanding, defined in our brand promise: The Power of Being Understood.

Curiosity makes us reflect upon things, learn and grow. It is important for us to be curious about ourselves, our clients and tomorrow, while being alert and ready to respond flexibly to the ongoing global crisis.

RSM World Day always marks a unique moment in the RSM calendar. It is an opportunity for all of us to focus on getting to know each other and reflect on the new ways to strengthen connections with clients and our communities.

To celebrate RSM World Day 2020, RSM International has launched a new global learning management system with scores of new courses, many of which are “curiosity” themed. Webinars and a wealth of other activities show how “curiosity” helps people and companies to grow.

Join us in celebrating RSM World Day!


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