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RSM attends the 2nd Accounting Congress in Warsaw

The 2nd Polish Accounting Congress was held at Teatr Polski in Warsaw on 5-6 June 2017. The main theme of the Congress was "Accounting - a vision of the future.”

The event was organised under the honorary auspices of the Ministry of Finance with the substantive support of the Scientific Council of the Association of Polish Accountants.

The Congress was opened by Franciszek Wala, President of the Board of the Association of Polish Accountants. In his speech, he paid tribute to his predecessors - to those who founded the Union of Book-keepers during the Partitions, to the founders of the Polish Accounting Association in 1926, to those who were active during World War II under the guise of conducting commercial courses, to those who took part in the revitalization and the rebuilding of professional organisations and finally to those, who have appointed the Association of Accountants in Poland in its present form.

At the end of his speech, Wala pointed out that the Congress was a kind of inspiration for the exchange of assessments with regards to the state of Polish accounting and the conclusions as to its direction.

Joanna Dadacz, the acting Director of the Accounting and Financial Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance, spoke on behalf of the Ministry. Wiesława Janczyk read the congratulatory letter on behalf of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance.

The Congress was divided into 4 thematic blocks:

  1. Business of the future;
  2. Accounting - profession, law, science;
  3. Accounting of the future;
  4. Accounting and business management in practice.


Professor Aldona Kamela-Sowińska, who raised the issue of the intellectualisation of the accounting profession, delivered her speech as the first. According to the Professor, accountants should not only be familiar with the accounting regulations, but also with the Code of Commercial Companies, administrative law, computer systems, tax laws and current accounting trends.

The second block included a discussion on changes in the accounting and balance sheet laws and their planned simplifications. The discussion was led by Dr Teresa Cebrowska - Vice-President of the Management Board of the Association of Polish Accountants.

The third part focused on the impact of new technologies and new financial instruments on businesses and the economy. In addition, the discussion centred on the emerging threats of the 21st century, such as cybercrime and ways of ensuring trading safety.

One of the participants of the last block of the debate was Agnieszka Osińska-Miłaszewska, Accounting & Payroll Partner at RSM Poland, who noted that due to technological innovations and the emerging new applications, the accounting profession must keep up with the new trends and should not be afraid of that change.

RSM Poland was the main partner of the Congress.

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