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Poland – a magnet for foreign investors

As noted by Puls Biznesu, in the first half of 2015 alone, 6,584 companies with a foreign capital share have been registered in Poland, which is 50% more than in all of the previous year. The data confirms the positive trend, which began earlier - in 2014 a 20% increase in the number of companies possessing foreign investors registered in the National Court Register was noted (compared to 2013).

The rapidly rising number of entities with capital relations abroad, conducting business operations in Poland, undoubtedly proves that Poland is an attractive place for locating investments. The large and consistently developing internal market, the stable legal and economic environment, access to a qualified and motivated staff as well as the systematically improving infrastructure have all contributed to the increased interest of foreign investors in our country.

Taking the decision to conduct business operations on the promising Polish market is not a guarantee of success in itself. The selection of a local consultant, who, being an expert on the legal conditions and economic relations of our country and will help a foreign investor take effective and safe decisions, is essential.  “Previously deciding on even the legal form of the conducting the business, without knowledge of the relevant provisions, and more importantly, without an analysis of the legal and tax effects, may lead to negative consequences,” emphasizes Piotr Nowatkowski, International Department Supervisor at RSM Poland. “RSM experts provide comprehensive services to entrepreneurs regarding the process of setting up and organizing companies – starting from help in selecting the appropriate form of the business operations, through preparing and submitting all the registration documents in the relevant offices, up to the standing accounting, tax and legal services. So that the foreign entrepreneur can, from the very beginning, focus only on the basic operations and achieving the targeted returns from the investment made in Poland.”

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