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German Desk with its subsequent visit in Germany

On 13-16 July, Piotr Staszkiewicz, Audit Partner and Przemysław Powierza, Tax Partner and German Desk Team Manager at RSM Poland completed a visit within the framework of the initiative of developing and strengthening business relations on the other side of the Oder River. This time they visited the region of Western Germany, where they participated in meetings with clients as well as colleagues from offices in Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Koblenz and Cologne. This trip was also an occasion to express gratitude for the trust that has been given and for 10 years of cooperation with WATERMANN from Dortmund, for which RSM Poland provided advisory services for the entire period of the entity's operations in Poland. Along with representatives of RSM Breidenbach, Piotr Staszkiewicz and Przemysław Powierza held successful working meetings with one of the larger clients from the automotive industry. On the way back, our experts met in Paderborn with Dr. Volker Bastert, a recognized and valued specialist in the scope of German tax law.

Discussons with clients and partners from the RSM network regarded, among others, the further development of economic activity in Poland, an analysis of the previous engagement of German investors on the Polish market, and also the more frequent Polish investors in the German market. RSM advisors unanimously confirmed that German investors recognize Poland as the main direction of expansion, and the key elements which decide on the location of investments in Poland are: the availability of well-prepared lands for investments, the possibility of cooperating with Polish partners as well as a database of qualified staff.

Thanks to the regular visits of representatives of the German Desk in Germany, both the clients as well as partners from RSM Germany receive first hand information on the market, the economic situation as well as new investment opportunities in Poland. Direct meetings are also a confirmation that RSM Poland experts ensure professional support in the scope of tax, legal, accounting and reporting advisory services provided in professional German, both in Poland as well as abroad.

We will be informing you on a current basis of the subsequent initiatives in the area of business development, not only on the German market.

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