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European Business Awards Publishes The Ones to Watch List

European Business Awards, which is one of the world’s largest and longest running business competitions supported for years by the RSM network, each year involves hundreds of thousands of enterprises that compete for the rank of leading companies in their respective categories.

Today, European Business Awards 2019 announced the Ones to Watch list that covers top companies from 33 European countries that will compete for the National Winner award in one of 18 competition categories. The results of this stage will be announced at the beginning of September this year. The selected companies will then compete in the European finals with the results and award winners to be announced during Gala Event on 3 December 2019.

All businesses included in the Ones to Watch list may also publish a promotional video and submit it for a public vote. During the last EBA competition the video campaign attracted 750,000 unique users who cast over 236,000 votes for the enterprises they supported. Thus, this is an excellent way to promote a brand and its successes in the European business environment.

In the previous year, the European Business Awards competition was attended by 111,000 businesses, out of which 2,800 reached the Ones to Watch list and 289 became National Winners. The winning businesses in the individual categories were mentioned here.

RSM Poland, which has for a long time supported the European Business Awards competition and promoted it among dynamically developing Polish enterprises (also on the international arena), encourages all to support domestic businesses and back them at the further stages of the competition. The Ones to Watch list for Poland is available here.

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