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Consulting becoming more innovative

Tax Consultant at RSM Poland

Innovation is mainly understood as an element of technological development. Today's economy also requires an innovative approach to the consultancy services sector. And in fact this is nothing strange, as specialized knowledge, experience as well as their skillful use in order to create optimal solutions are the foundation of success of a majority of enterprises.

However, just the knowledge and the experience of the consultants alone - be it tax consultants, statutory auditors, attorneys or business consultants - can prove insufficient, as the service recipients are foreign entities - both those conducting business activities in Poland, as well as those just planning to commence their activities in the land on the Vistula River.

Why is this the case? What makes consultancy services provided to foreign entities stand out?

As a member of the German Desk - an interdisciplinary team, which specializes in the provision of comprehensive services to German language speaking entities, I can boldly say that a consultant correctly carries out their role only if they are able to understand the local business and legal environment, and more often than not, also the cultural conditionings of their foreign client. Specialized content-related knowledge, experience and knowledge of a foreign language are only half of the success. The linking together of all of these factors guarantees the correct examination of the client's expectations, the identification of possible legal-tax threats connected with the ventures planned by the entrepreneur as well as the preparation of an optimal, comprehensive and at the same time legible solution for the client. A good consultant, following the spirit of the times, is not just a theoretic, but more importantly a partner with a non-standard approach, able to understand the situation of the entity which they are providing services to.