RSM Poland


Where does this unfading Polish dynamics come from?

Przemysław POWIERZA
tax advisor, Tax Partner at RSM Poland
Head of German Desk

Very often during our meetings with Clients from Germany the Germans comment on the Polish economic reality. We hear that at the moment of entering Poland, a foreigner is overwhelmed with an impression of dynamics – a lot is going on in our country: numerous building sites, modernizations, renovations… moreover, everywhere one can meet energetic people who, despite typical Polish complaining, look optimistically into the future. A lot of good intentions can be felt, which – against the proverb – contribute to shared success. Cinders, which are mentioned in the word of wheeling and dealing, are nowhere to be seen. But why exactly are Germans so excited about Polish dynamics?

The answer dawned on me during one of the meetings with our colleagues from RSM Germany. They were complaining about the youngest employees’ approach to their responsibilities. It turns out that young Germans who start their career in advising companies don’t feel any motivation to invest in long-standing education and to gain valuable experience, indispensable in difficult work of advising, consulting and audit. Why? My diagnosis is simple. There is already enough money to lead comfortable life – parents in the majority of cases guarantee decent legacy. What is the point of making excessive effort then? Whereas young people in Poland still feel that they have to work right now for their prosperity at old age. They are not afraid of challenges, they use opportunities and this contributes to the dynamics of the whole economy. Enterprising Poles get more energy from certain facts as well – Poland 20 years ago and Poland nowadays are two completely different worlds. I hope we won’t become satiated by this rising prosperity too quickly. When we start to believe that our retirements are for granted, we may suddenly wake up in Greece. A one without olives.