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Retail networks

Our team of professionals is proud of the wide experience in cooperating with retail networks. Our clients benefit from the following services we provide: audit, transaction advisory, advisory in establishing optimal principles for operating retail networks, income tax accounts, VAT settlement, accounting and HR services. We have established regular cooperation with 10+ retail networks from the household appliances & audio/video devices industry as well as the entertainment and fashion markets.

Tax on large-surface shops

16 December 2015
Piotr LISS
In 2016, the Polish government is planning to introduce a tax on large-surface shops that would hit large trade entities, in order to promote small, domestic, family shops. The initial assumptions about the tax have been introduced in a draft law, dated September 15, 2015, which includes, among others, taxing the entities operating a business activity at shops larger than 250 m2. Today, the government specifies that in the new, altered draft, the shop taxation will not depend on the surface, but turnover.

The Luxury Goods Market in Poland nowadays and in the future

12 November 2015
Seeing today's lifestyle of Poles, it can be concluded that Poland forgot about the gray communist era for good. This is above all confirmed by the accelerating growth in the quality of life of the middle class society. Better quality of life has led to an increase in demand for luxury goods, which an average Pole could not afford even five years ago. We are talking mainly about the products from the automotive industry and fashion. Although the value of the luxury goods market in Poland is still much lower than in the developed countries, it is characterized by a rapid rate of growth and very optimistic predictions for the forthcoming years, which arouses great interest both in businessmen and economists.