RSM Poland



Every year we organise a new CSR action focused on helping particular people and institutions on the occassion of our internal integration event RSM World Day. This year we decided to help charities chosen by our employees.

As every year, the Szczecin-based Ballet Foundation, which has been operating in Poland for 27 years now to support artistically talented children and youth, organized the GOLDEN POINTE SHOES 11th International Ballet Competition and the 17th International Gala of Ballet Stars. We had both the opportunity and the great pleasure of supporting the organization of this event.

We know that sport equals health and that health should be well looked after. That is why, by fully backing the new trend for running and other leisure activities involving physical exercises as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, we offered our support to the Szczecin Fizjosport Association.

We love animals and we love helping them. This time, the staff of our Szczecin branch stood up to the task once again and organized a Christmas fund-raising event for the Animal Shelter in Dobra.

Last Saturday, the 18th of November, we planted 125 trees along 100 meters of a fence surrounding a family-run children’s home in Warsaw Wesoła as part of our internal CSR campaign.

This year's RSM World Day has come to an end.  However in all the fervor of the fun and training, we did not forget about those in need. This year, our annual charity event that we organize parallel to the RSM World Day event, was dedicated to the animals at the  "Viva" animal shelter in Korabiewice which is run by the "Viva International Movement for Animal Welfare Foundation "

During this special time, we have not forgotten about the people who were unable to spend Christmas with their families.

RSM Poland, similarly as many schools, companies and residents of Poznań is helping Ziemowit Dawidziak collect funds for treatment and at the same time… break the Guinness record!

For us, every company event is not only an opportunity for mutual fun and integration, but also to support those, who require our assistance. So was the case this time!

The charity events that occur during the RSM World Day have become our tradition. This year, while celebrating the rebranding of the RSM network, we were gathering gifts for SOSW in Piaseczno – a facility that takes care of intellectually disabled, autistic children and youth.