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Transaction advisory

Strong market position and stable economic situation are a solid foundation for any business. It happens, however, that operating in a bigger, joint business structure may undermine its standing. Ownership changes being a result of mergers acquisitions or combinations offer a number of new opportunities for enterprises, most important of them being change of capital structure, (distribution of ownership risk), improvement of financial situation and reinforcement of market position, which usually translates to the increase in the shareholder value. Often ownership changes enable businesses to overcome difficulties in the time of economic slowdown. 

RSM Poland will support in:

  • Restructuring through ownership changes:
    • By selling off the entire company or its part,
    • spinning off and selling unprofitable parts of enterprises;
  • consolidating the market and reinforcing present market position by purchasers;
  • raising capital and obtaining debt financing;
  • entering into cooperation with business partners and strategic investors.

For support, please contact our expert, Krzysztof CIESIELSKI:


M&A and Corporate Advisory Director
tel. +48 61 8515 766
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