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COVID-19: Anti-crisis shield 2.0. (Financial shield)

The Polish government has presented another version of the anti-crisis programme, the so-called Shield 2.0. The aid will be offered to companies ranging from micro-enterprises to large companies, and the total value of the aid amounts to PLN 100 bn (including PLN 25 bn exclusively for large companies). This responds to the call of entrepreneurs claiming that both the Shield 1.0, and Shield 1.1. are insufficient and will not help companies survive over the next 3 months.

Funds for the Shield 2.0 will be raised by the Polish Development Fund mainly by issuing bonds which will be transferred to companies by commercial banks. The funds available under the Shield 2.0 will go to companies recognising at least 25% decrease in revenue. The aid will be granted upon receiving a declaration, and the use of funds will be verified after 12 months. It is key from the perspective of the programme’s objectives to continue business operations and maintain employment.

Rules and aid thresholds under the Shield 2.0:

  • Aid for micro-enterprises in the form of funds granted by commercial banks upon a declaration of decrease in turnover. If the turnover decreases by 25-50%, the amount of the aid per employee is PLN 12 thousand. If the turnover decreases by 75% – PLN 24 thousand, and if the turnover decreases by more than 75% – PLN 36 thousand;
  • Aid for small and medium-sized enterprises. The estimated average amount of the subsidy in this sector is PLN 1,9 m per company;
  • Aid for large enterprises. The core solutions of the programme include loans for companies granted for the period of two years, non-refundable subsidies and capital market instruments, including acquisition of shares through the Polish Development Fund.

It is important to note that loans granted under the Shield 2.0 could be partly written off, even up to 75% of the granted amount. Preliminary estimates show that about 300-400 thousand companies will take advantage of the aid.

The Shield 2.0 brings forth a number of solutions anticipated by the market which are aimed at improving the financial liquidity of companies – i.e. instruments such as widely available loans that could be partly written off. The aid will be granted upon simple declarations. This is crucial as the easier the procedure for applying for the aid, the bigger the chances that it will reach a great number of business units in need. Now we only have to wait for the regulations to become effective.

Unfortunately, even such a widely available aid will not allow to save all business entities and sectors for which it is now key to relaunch the economy as soon as possible. This, however, is governed by other factors.

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