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COVID-19: Anti-crisis shield 1.1.

This week, the Polish government presented a list of propositions under the Anti-crisis shield, the so-called Shield 1.1. The new shield is to extend the group of business entities entitled to benefit from the exemption from social insurance contributions or instruments allowing to maintain financial liquidity. The estimated value of the proposed solutions is PLN 11bn.


According to the presentation, the draft act includes:

  • extension of the exemptions from social insurance contributions also to apply to businesses employing from 10 up to 49 employees, the proposition includes the exemption from 50% of the social insurance contributions for 3 months. This solution in the proposed form will not be applicable to all employees but only to a group of 9;
  • opening a liquidity guarantee fund in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which will grant loans guaranteed up to 80% in the amount of PLN 3,5m up to PLN 250m;
  • information that the Industrial Development Agency will also grant guarantees and loans, focusing on smaller business enterprises, and will offer loans with 15-month grace period;
  • extension of allowances for persons working under civil contracts, up to 3 months;
  • allowances for quarantined farmers, equalling 50% of minimum remuneration;
  • protection against enforced debt collection in case of funds received under the Shield;
  • unlimited Internet for accessing websites and medical services;
  • extension of job protection allowances to include NGOs;
  • information on the accelerated realisation of the national educational network and solutions for schools related to computer equipment and software necessary for remote working;
  • postponement of administrative deadlines;
  • simplification of postal services.

Now we all need to wait for the approval and presentation of solutions under Shield 2.0.

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