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Self-isolation: the employer’s and employee’s perspective

9 October 2020
Julita JANUSIEWICZ HR & Payroll Assistant at RSM Poland In the wake of the outbreak, many questions were asked about how employers are supposed to keep the workplace safe. As the number of COVID cases continues to grow, more and more doubts are being raised. What are the rights of the employer, and those of the employee? How can an organisation transform its work rules in order to cope with the new reality? It is a good idea to gain some insight into self-isolation, because I have a feeling...

Preserving organizational assets, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic

17 April 2020
Currently, we are experiencing a rolling crisis in Poland and worldwide – a crisis we have never encountered before. First and foremost, this is a health crisis, but as a result of government directives to stay at home as much as possible, it has significantly affected our business life. READ THE FULL ARTICLE WANT TO KNOW MORE? Subscribe to RSM Poland Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all legal, financial and tax matters. Benefit from the expertise of our professionals. Subscribe Should you have...

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on financial statements

17 April 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is spreading quickly. Every day the media present us charts showing the growing number of reported cases and deaths, both on a global and local scale. The crisis is sure to come and will significantly affect business, due to decrease in production, trade or consumption and restrictions on traveling. It should be expected that the economic effects will considerably impact the financial situation of companies and thus company accounting and reporting. For sure will vary...

How to take care of cybersecurity while working remotely in the new reality

16 April 2020
The situation with which we are currently dealing calls for an entirely new approach to the management of business organisations and their assets. Whether these changes will be successful, and thus the business organisation will survive, strongly depends on our ability to agilely organise business processes and help employees switch to the new way of working. Due to constant changes and companies’ inability to plan the entire process in detail, organisations have become exposed to cyber risk to...