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The RSM Poland Blog is a practical guide to taxes and business. We would like to use it as a tool for communicating some of the most interesting tax and economic topics, discussing issues related to incorporation and organisation of companies, touch on transfer pricing and reporting in accordance with Polish and international standards, as well as to study other key notions commonly related to running and managing a business.

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23 April 2018

We previously focused on establishing and discussing the leasing and non-leasing components and on how to divide fees between these parts of the contract. The following articles will cover topics related to the modifications of lease contracts and variable fees. We receive many queries about IFRS 16 and the application of the new regulations as of 1 January 2019, so let us start by looking at the application of the standard for the first time.

4 April 2018
Grzegorz GRACZYK

Everyone using ERP systems knows that uploading large volumes of data, such as customer data, is very time-consuming. At the beginning of the year, our IT Consulting Department reached out to prospective customers and their expectations by offering them a new functionality, i.e. the option to download and quickly edit customer data on the basis of their tax identification number (NIP), using the Central Statistical Office API. Owing to this integration with the CSO system, the user can save time and avoid many errors that could otherwise result from entering the data manually.

22 March 2018
Katarzyna BUDA

Mergers and acquisitions have been the basis of corporate development for the past one hundred years. An increase in trust and an improvement of the company situation, as well as access to sources of stable funding have contributed to a significant expansion of the global perspective within the area of M&A. An economic crisis is also conducive to the processes of company consolidation.

15 March 2018

Previously, we focused on the establishing of the starting value of the right to use an asset. We have mentioned the fact that the value of the obligation should be discounted. And how to calculate the discount? What rate of discount to apply?

8 March 2018

In the previous parts, we were discussing theoretical aspects related to leasing and the new standard, among others: whom it concerns, what the exemptions are and when the commencement of leasing shall take place. The next issue to be discussed is the establishing of the starting value as well as the amortization rate.

23 February 2018
Karolina HAHN

The revolutionary reform of the National Court Register (NCR), which will soon come into force, may surprise some entrepreneurs. It will cover a very wide range of various technical changes, which fundamentally change the functioning of not only the registry itself, but above all force entrepreneurs into new responsibilities. As we have written about this recently, the financial statements will go first.

22 February 2018

Each of us - both privately and professionally - uses the Internet more and more. According to surveys from 2017, Poles spend almost 6 hours a day on the Internet on average. From March 15, 2018, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to stay on the Internet even longer due to the possibility of establishing direct contact with Economic Courts through electronic access to the National Court Register (NCR). The Act of January 26, 2018 Amending the Act on the National Court Register and Certain Other Acts (hereinafter referred to as the Act on Changing the National Court Register) is in force, and is currently awaiting publication in the Journal of Laws of Poland and which will come into force from March 15, 2018.

20 February 2018
Katarzyna BUDA

Enterprises functioning on today's market mainly develop in an organic manner, increasing their revenues, profits as well as market position through their internal actions, such as acquiring new clients, introducing new products and services, searching for new markets and distribution channels. Organic growth requires the effective and efficient taking of decisions and strategy planning on the part of the management. That's why inorganic growth is an uniquely interesting alternative.

9 February 2018

The suspension of a business activity causes a great deal of doubt on the part of the taxpayer, not only in the issue of the settlement of taxes and social insurance, but also in keeping the revenue and expense ledger. Let's take a closer look at the obligations that are connected with the taking of this decision and what simplifications the provisions foresee.

11 December 2017

In the previous part of our considerations, we raised the issue of simplifications in the application of IFRS 16, when assets and liabilities are not recognized. Entities benefitting from the simplifications charge payments directly into costs - usually, on a straight-line basis over the period of the lease. Operating leases are settled in a similar manner (in accordance with the IAS 17 regulations, still in effect). For the record, below please find a handful of information.