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Our German Desk puts the needs of German-speaking entrepreneurs first. Understanding the needs and effective communication in German help us pinpoint even the most complex issues and present them in a straightforward manner, with consideration and respect towards the cultural differences. Looking for tips on how to effectively cooperate with a German management? Read the German Desk insights on our RSM Poland blog - an informative and inspirational source of knowledge for entrepreneurs.

A1 certificate and related doubts

27 November 2019
Entrepreneurs from German-speaking regions are more frequently asking us about getting A1 certificates for their employees. Let us remind you that an A1 certificate is issued to confirm the social security legislation that applies to its holder. Therefore, this certificate is very important for all those who travel around the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland because of their professional commitments, e.g. expats.

Polish and German Business Cooperation (part 4). Hiring Employees in Poland

13 June 2019
In previous posts, we presented a handful of basic information that may be useful for foreign investors planning to start their business in Poland. Undoubtedly, a crucial thing here is the the choice of the legal form of such business, as we discussed e.g.: here. The next big step on the way towards developing a business in Poland is to hire employees. This, in turn, involves an entire range of additional obligations for the employer, such as occupational health and safety, personal income tax and social insurance.

Polish and German business cooperation (part 3 A bit about statistics)

16 April 2019
Research shows, however, that Poland is among the leaders in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of the number of foreign direct investments and investment attractiveness. According to the Doing Business 2018 report, prepared by the World Bank and being one of the most comprehensive analyses of conditions of doing business, Poland ranks 27th in the world in terms of business-friendly environment.

Polish and German business cooperation (part 2 Starting a business in Poland)

15 March 2019
As promised earlier, I will try to present some practical solutions prepared by the German Desk Team of RSM Poland which make it easier for foreign investors, in particular entities from German-speaking countries, to start or expand their business in Poland in the context of complex and often changing legal and tax regulations.

Economic cooperation between Poland and Germany remains intense (part 1 Prologue)

28 January 2019
As business cooperation between Poland and Germany grows, there are more and more domestic entities that make and further enhance their strong presence on the market west of the Oder River, as well as more and more German companies that decide to launch or intensify their business operations in Poland. What form do foreign investors choose for their business in Poland?


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