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Oracle NetSuite Polish Localization Package 2021.4 release notes

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From this article you will learn:

  • the new functionalities of Oracle NetSuite PLP Package 2021.4;
  • the new improvements of Oracle NetSuite PLP Package 2021.4.

Polish Localization Package (PLP) provides an extension of a native functionality in NetSuite Oracle. It is a set of designed modules intended to fully support your financial NetSuite system in compliance with the Polish requirements stated in the Polish Accounting Act. We regularly update the PLP module and so we would like to announce a new version of Oracle NetSuite Polish Localization Package 2021.4 software. Our release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

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1. New module for currency bank account valuation using the FIFO method: automated process of converting exchange rate differences in foreign currency bank accounts using the FIFO method

  • Fully integrated relations between transactions and general ledger postings;
  • Option for generating different formats of FIFO valuation reports (html, pdf, xls);
  • Preview of proposed FIFO settlement before posting;
  • Option for selecting accounts for FIFO valuation and defining posted documents;
  • Automatic FIFO valuation posting;
  • Storing calculation history of FIFO valuation in dedicated records serving as a currency storehouse.

NetSuite Oracle oferuje nowe funkcjonalności w ramach Polskiego Pakietu Lokalizacyjnego

Automatyzacja procesu przeliczania różnic kursowych na rachunkach bankowych walutowych metodą FIFO

2. Formats of sales invoices: update of seller’s bank details display on invoice formats

  • Simplified process of setting the bank account number to be included on the invoice format through the new option for setting the seller’s bank account details from the level of account view.

Aktualizacja wyświetlania danych bankowych sprzedawcy na formatach faktur

3. PLP Exchange rates: added portlet with the latest updates of exchange rates imported from NBP

  • Introducing an option to manually download and update exchange rates imported from NBP tables A, B and C;
  • The possibility for the user to have additional control over the exchange rates.

Portlet z najnowszymi aktualizacjami kursów walut pobieranych z NBP

4. Saving sales invoices generated from the system under the appropriate name

  • The user can set a name template for generated sales invoice printouts;
  • Introducing an option to create a structured naming scheme for saved files.


1. Modification of VAT register reports

  • Improved service of VAT register generation when project support is enabled.

2. Date hinting improvement in the PLP tab

  • The exchange rate date is updated automatically according to the provided tax liability date;
  • The exchange rate is correctly suggested to be the one from the last business day preceding the moment of the tax liability and is imported from the NBP exchange rate database.

Kurs podpowiada się odpowiednio z ostatniego dnia roboczego poprzedzającego moment powstania obowiązku podatkowego i pobierany jest z bazy kursów NBP

3. Introducing an option to preview the created PDF files for the generated SAF-T in the form of VAT returns and EU-VAT declarations with automatic saving in the DEK register

Deklaracja VAT oraz deklaracja VAT-UE wraz z automatycznym zapisywaniem do rejestru DEK

4. PLP bank payments setup: saving reports in DEK register

  • Introducing an option for saving generated payment sets made to the bank in the DEK register;
  • The user has access to copies of generated payments saved in the system.

Zapisywanie raportów do rejestru DEK

5. New payment file format for HSBC bank

  • Added support for the payment format in line with HSBC bank standards.

Obsługa formatu płatności według standardów HSBC

6. JPK KR: hiding accounts with zero turnovers and balances

  • Added feature for generating JPK_KR files only for accounts with turnover and balances, so that the user can send specific information to the Tax Office.

Ukrywanie kont o zerowych obrotach i saldach

7. Sent to test: changed format for displaying the notification that SAF-T files and VAT-EU returns have been sent

  • Improved display of the notification that SAF-T files and EU-VAT returns have been sent to test and production servers of the Ministry of Finance;
  • The user is informed to which server the SAF-T file and EU-VAT return have been sent.

Zmiana formatu wyświetlania informacji o wysyłce plików JPK oraz deklaracji VAT-UE

8. Adding new “Account Name” column to the Transaction Details report

  • Extending the report with an additional column will enable easier analysis of the report.

Dodanie do raportu Transaction Details nowej kolumny

9. Possibility to print the VAT register with additional columns (procedures, document types, GTU codes)

  • Extended printout enables more effective data analysis;
  • A set of additional filters on the printout allows precise verification of data before generating the JPK-V7 declaration;
  • The printout gives the possibility to summarize grouped VAT rates.

Wydruk rejestru VAT z dodatkowymi kolumnami

10. Introducing an option of generating sales and purchase VAT ledgers by posting date and Tax Code

  • Adding an option to search for specific documents by document number;
  • Facilitating the analysis of posted documents;
  • Introducing possibility of a better selective analysis of posted documents.

Generowanie rejestrów VAT sprzedaży i zakupu według daty księgowania lub stawki VAT

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