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Recruitment process at RSM Poland and what it looks like from the inside

HR & Recruitment Senior Assistant at RSM Poland

Choosing the place where you will start your professional career is one of the most important decisions in your life, so you should really be thoughtful and gather as much information about your prospective employer as possible. If you are currently considering taking a job with RSM Poland and you are wondering what the recruitment process looks like, I invite you to read this article. I will be more than happy to provide you with some details of the recruitment process and explain what you should expect at each end every stage.

Stage 1 – filing an application

First of all – send us your CV and give us a chance to get to know you. All  job advertisements  can be found on, and some of the offers are also available on Additionally, we publish information on open recruitment projects addressed to university students and graduates on the websites of academic career centres.

Stage 2 – pre-selection of applications

Your application will be thoroughly analysed so it is crucial for you to be familiar with the formal requirements stated in the job advertisement, as this is the basic criterion for selecting applications at RSM Poland.

Stage 3 – arranging a meeting with HR Department

If your application is assessed positively, we will call you and invite you to the first meeting – it will be an interview with an HR Department employee and you will be asked some questions related to your CV. We are eager to know your motivations, interpersonal skills and expectations. We will provide you with more details of the position you apply for and answer any question you may have. We treat all candidates as partners, ensuring that both parties feel comfortable during the interview and freely exchange their opinions. During the meeting we will ask you to take a specialised knowledge test and we will verify your knowledge of  a foreign language (English or German, depending on the position you apply for and your skills).

Stage 4 – arranging a meeting with Team Manager

The final stage of the recruitment process at RSM Poland is an interview with a Team Manager who will present you with a detailed scope of duties and responsibilities related to the given position and discuss some ongoing projects. Additionally, the Manager will provide you with information on the structure of their department, themselves and the Team, as well as work methods and perspectives for your professional development.

Stage 5 – feedback

After the job interview we will provide you with our feedback – via telephone or email – to let you know if we can currently offer you a position. If so, we will contact you to present you with our financial offer and confirm all prior arrangements made at the meeting, including the scope of duties and responsibilities, and all related benefits. Finally, we will set the starting date and invite you to sign the employment contract.

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