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3 April 2015

The obligation to prepare tax documentation in the case of transactions by/with partnerships has been a source of confusion among taxpayers for a quite long time. To prepare or not to prepare? That’s the question! – such a paraphrase of the famous Shakespearian quote clearly illustrates the dilemma that many taxpayers have had to face.

27 March 2015

Full deduction of input VAT from the purchase and use of a vehicle is possible, among others, when a taxpayer uses such vehicle exclusively for own business purposes. To prove that the use of a car is limited only to the abovementioned, the taxpayer must keep a mileage log. And here are the proverbial „stumbling blocks”. Although the VAT Act indicates how such mileage log shall be kept and which specific columns shall it include, the taxpayers concerned see these guidelines differently than tax officials.

1 March 2015

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of attending classes in programming almost certainly had the chance to plumb the mysteries of a programming language known as Turbo Pascal. If so, the phrase in the title of our first post surely sounds familiar. "Hello World" – the words our very first "programme" would usually display on the monitor of our computer. Back then, these two words meant the beginning of an adventure with a new, inspiring tool that would offer tremendous opportunities, namely programming. What better title could there be to celebrate the start of an adventure that may perhaps be different, but still as fascinating and inviting: an adventure with transfer pricing.

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