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6 July 2015

This time, I would like to write a few words about fees that can be frequently encountered in hotel services branch. I mean fees connected with cancelling or “no show” and their calculation on the ground of value added tax (hereinafter referred to as VAT). I would like to draw your attention particularly to the so-called attrition fee, which is a fee for rooms that are booked but eventually not used.

24 April 2015

Our clients have been recently asking more and more questions about VAT treatment of notices to pay penalty fees and contractual interests for failure to perform provisions of an agreement. Such notices may occur, for instance, when it is necessary to inform counterparties on payment delays. A party who issues a notice, not only charge fees on its issuance, but also settle the tax due for this issuance, including the amount of tax on the invoice. Is this the right thing to do? Since I look at such situations more and more often, I would like to explain in brief how notices to pay shall be settled in respect of VAT.

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