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28 August 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA

In newsletter 15/2018, we informed that the Minister of Finance published tax explanations concerning the split payment mechanism (hereinafter referred to as: SPM). Today, I am presenting my first post about the details. Based on the explanations and questions we had received from you, we have created a list of frequently asked questions about the introduction of the SPM. If you are still wondering whether to use the split payment mechanism or not, I encourage you to read my comments.

21 August 2018

Over the last couple of months, I have been very intensively involved in the recruitment process in our organisation and I talked to male and female candidates who wanted to learn something more about the work in a specific workplace, which an accounting office most certainly is. In wanting to met the expectations, this post has been written for all those who would like to pursue or continue their accountancy career.

20 August 2018
Aleksandra SYSIAK

In the previous article we presented the first step in the model framework of revenue recognition, namely contract identification. Under IFRS 15, revenue should be recognised when contractual obligations are satisfied. Therefore, the entity must first indicate performance obligations in the contract, which makes the second step in the new model of revenue recognition. We are going to discuss it further in this article.  

13 August 2018
Aleksandra SYSIAK

When applying IFRS 15, the first step should be to determine whether the contract exists and has been concluded with the customer

7 August 2018
Krzysztof PUZYR

As of 1 January 2018, thin capitalisation rules have been replaced by regulations limiting the tax-deductibility of certain debt financing costs. Unfortunately, the new regulations fail to provide clear rules and principles for calculating the amount of debt financing costs excluded from tax-deductible costs and raise significant doubts among experts and taxpayers. Meanwhile, since the beginning of 2018, the director of the National Revenue Information Office has issued a number of tax interpretations concerning the matter in question, in which he presented a position that is disadvantageous for taxpayers.

2 August 2018
Michał DREAS

According to experts, the new IFRS 15 concerning revenue recognition is a major milestone in accounting/reporting in recent years.