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After Hours - page 3

It’s nice to have some fond memories of good days and our Christmas Party was indeed such a day, during which we summarized the entire 2017, had a taste of some delicious snacks while chatting and hanging out together.

150 participants, the employees of the Poznań, Warsaw and Szczecin offices, took part in our Group’s integration-training event this year. The event took place at the Atut Hotel in Licheń Stary.

RSM European Football Tournament Turin 2017 - we are the best on the continent! After last year’s undoubtedly great (in every respect!) event, which took place in Warsaw came time for another football match, this time in Italy.

This year's edition of the Poland Business Run 2017 in Poznań brought together 600 teams at the starting line, a total of 3,000 runners. In Poznan, a national record was broken in terms of the speed of the registration of all the teams - all the teams registered successfully after just 33 minutes. The level of competition is getting better year after year - apart from such teams as the veterans of marathons and "Iron Man" runners, more and more amateurs training year-round are starting to appear. This can be seen through the really great results!

This year, we held Christmas events at our offices in Poznań and Warsaw and took advantage of our bigger and modern premises to the fullest. As a result, the Christmas party atmosphere was not only conducive to exchanging warm wishes but also to recapping the passing year.

We celebrated this year's RSM World Day with nearly a hundred employees from our offices in Poznań and Warsaw in a stunning horse riding center area on the outskirts of Lodz, in Lodz Heights Landscape Park.

On 3-4 September, during this year’s RSM European Football Tournament in Warsaw, RSM Poland had a real pleasure of hosting almost 350 players and RSM fans form Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, the UK and Italy who, with their amazing cheering and fair play competition, inspired unforgettable emotions in all participants.

On 26-27 August 2016, one week before the football competition between RSM offices from all over Europe, which we are hosting this year, five of our competitors, within the framework of improving their physical fitness, hiked through Beskid Śląski, around its highest peak, Skrzyczne 1257 m asl.

The RSM Poland May Day was held on May 13 at the Wityng Hotel in Mikorzyn - an integration meeting of close to 140 people of our Team of employees from offices in Warsaw and Poznań.

This year's RSM World Day was a special event for our company – we celebrated this day under a new logo that we adopted due to the global rebranding of the RSM International network.