RSM Poland


Great success of "Golden Arrows" in Poland Business Run 2017

This year's edition of the Poland Business Run 2017 in Poznań brought together 600 teams at the starting line, a total of 3,000 runners. In Poznan, a national record was broken in terms of the speed of the registration of all the teams - all the teams registered successfully after just 33 minutes. The level of competition is getting better year after year - apart from such teams as the veterans of marathons and "Iron Man" runners, more and more amateurs training year-round are starting to appear. This can be seen through the really great results! This year the organizers met the challenge - they planned a very attractive track through Ostrów Tumski, they perfectly prepared the campus of the Poznan University of Technology for the competition and they managed to create a fantastic atmosphere throughout the whole run - even though on the fifth and final relay change it began to drizzle.

Interestingly, those persuaded to perform in the colors of RSM Poland (as "Golden Arrows") turned out very well at the finish line, even though they only just made their debut at regular running. Additional adrenaline caused a result that was better than expected. We ran the distance of 3.5 kilometers jointly at the time of 1:38:56, which gave us the 478th place (we assumed that we would not exceed 1:40:00 and we succeeded !!!), comprised of: Arek Gellert (18:33), Asia Grocholewska (20:59), Lidka Krystman (20:34), Monia Witkowska (21:05) and Przemek Powierza (17:45).

Next year we will be older, but who knows - maybe even faster? If we manage to find enough motivation and practice in the winter season, then progress could be very promising.

Many thanks to everyone who cheered - the fun was amazing. Finally, the most important information - thanks to participation in this race we collected nearly PLN 212,000 for 3 disabled people!!!