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Coffee Festival - we are testing new flavours

Where there is coffee, there is fun! We love good coffee and its aroma, which one can smell around the whole office. We also like it most when our employees praise it. Once again, we are organising the Coffee Festival in order to provide everyone with an opportunity to stimulate thier taste buds. We will taste various kinds of coffee for 6 days and vote for them so that the three most popular kinds of coffee could remain in our coffee machines permanently.

Each day we will start testing a new kind of coffee at 8:00 am. Interestingly, upon degustation no one will know the name of the brand of a particular kind of coffee. A given person has to close their eyes and choose what is best for them just by means of their senses and preferences.

It is high time for us to start! We will inform you about the winner soon:)



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